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my name is emma like baby spice but im really scary spice
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  1. micahmarc:

    de-la-soul I want to hug you, and make u food, and workshop really dry/sarcastic jokes and puns off each other.

    Aw omg I wish thank u :-) imy n ily

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  2. Anonymous: What were you withdrawled from

    going thru topical steroid addiction, my entire body is withdrawling from a lifetime of topical/ingested steroids

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  3. i love how i spent my summer frequently in tears shaking uncontrollably while my parents have to hold me down because my face and arms and chest are bleeding!!! withdrawls are so fun

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  4. "Feelings are more dangerous than ideas, because they aren’t susceptible to rational evaluation. They grow quietly, spreading underground, and erupt suddenly, all over the place."

    Brian Eno

    (via bldnj)

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  5. goth problems


    your phone autocorrects “hahaha” to “Bauhaus”

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  6. I’m a doped up French housewife

    I’m a doped up French housewife

  7. 20aliens:

Sergey Maximishin


    Sergey Maximishin

  8. aqqindex:

Davide Mercatali, Nomade for Formart, 1975


    Davide Mercatali, Nomade for Formart, 1975